Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Add this to Potlicker Events:
Rundle Revenge - http://rundlesrevenge.com/
I've signed up for the 100km trail ride. Nice timing between Salty Dog and TR. Kurt eyeing up the full donkey and Dom working on his donkey punch!

Pre-season beers required!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back in the saddle

Well boys it's been a long time. After the TransRockies the blog effort was neglected, just like my bike and my physical fitness.

But it's time to get back in the saddle.

Fuelled by winter beer and wine and as the memories of cramping, bleeding and all out suffering faded, we Potlickers seemed to gain some unjustified confidence as we have enrolled in a record number of races.

To date we have Potlicker representation in:
The Salty Dog
BC Bike Race
Test of Mettle
24 Hours of Adrenaline
TransRockies X

In each one, save for the BC Bike Race, we have multiple teams enroll
ed. It's safe to say that 2011 will be the year of the Potlicker. We will be making some noise at races all over Alberta and BC!

There are big changes in the team too. The northern chapter is pretty much dissolved as Jay and Watson both moved to Calgary to get serious about riding. Potlicker 1 has a different look with Shane and Kurt joining forces for the Transrockies (not sure I agree with a non drinker and a light weight drinker holding the P1 title). Potlicker 2 remains the same and the Jay/Mundt duo is stronger, faster and more determined than ever and ready to build on the beat down they handed to Potlicker 1 on day six of the TR. Potlicker 3 has been added and the team of Trevor and Eddie has already been out on the road and I heard Eddie has already rode up the Money Maker twice. Potlicker 4 is made up of Furlong and Bas and are our sole BC Bike Race representatives.

In addition, the LD band has been playing under a different and non-Potlicker approved name (we'll have to do something about that). Miyagi has been skiing about 100 times, Trevor's been eyeing up a better camera to film spin class videos (a Sufferfest review is coming), and while many of us are dreaming about shaving a few ounces off by upgrading our drive trains or even buying a new bike, Starnino one upped all of us by getting a new hip...titanium. Lighter and stronger than regular bones so what we've always suspected is now true, Paul's not fully human and should be faster than ever this summer.

So it's time boys. Get spinning, running, and in the gym. Salty Dog is coming soon!