Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Name the rider

Great ride last night fellas. The rider above wasn't wearing butt butt'r for a wet ride, but who is it? Could be Kurt eating bananas in the background and trees look like Vancouver Island...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

XT drivetrain and service

Great deals on chain reaction for shimano at the moment. Seems most think XT hits the 'value' sweet spot between price, weight and durability.
XT crank, cassette and XTR chain for ~C$288. Free delivery. Over 40% off. May get lucky and no GST either.
Add in some brake pads (>40% off on most makes for 4+) and your bike will ride as good as new!

Also, Rick's Bikes will fit all this for free as part of a service as a deal for the potlickers - and he collects and delivers (rather than trying to hit Bow's opening hours).

He's usually good for a 3day turn-around - book in advance for your big event(s)!