Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Furious 3 Preview

Some youtube previews of our recent Fernie explorations:
48hrs (first DH on stage1): 48hrs
Ignore first minute or so as they're putting us in a little lower (just as well as the top part is very new and sketchy). Rest of it still has a new feel (baby roots, etc) and a few sketchy bits but the flow kicks in pretty good after a while. Expect crashes!
Hyper Extension (stage 1): Hyper Extension
Part of the Transrockies for the last few years so most of us know it well. Just rewards after Hyper-V climb!
Project 9 (second DH on stage2): Project 9
An amazing trail - several distinct sections. The climb is fairly tough near the top and route finding in the 'wash-out' a bit tricky but this will be one you'll be talking about for a while!

and then we also have Verboten, Splitting Bears, Oh Dear (twice), Southern Comfort, South Castle....

It's gonna be awesome!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cumulative Precip.

Poached these links from pinkbike forum.
Cumulative precipitation for Elbow Ranger Station (near station flats):
Cumulative rainfall at Station Flats
Map of Alberta with weekly cumulative precipitation (handy to see if its been drier in Canmore, Moose area, Calgary or maybe even road trip further afield)
Map for weekly rainfall (Alberta)