Saturday, May 12, 2012

MMBTS - Family Guy trail

MMBTS have been busy building a new trail 'Family Guy'. Route plan is as attached (under the previous name of West Side Easy):
Also covers other info on their plans and the route for SHAFT (West of T-Dub). Apparently SHAFT still has a lot of snow at the top so probably needs another week.
Thanks to the MMBTS volunteers for all the work they are putting in. Potlickers are mostly volunteering in the West Bragg Creek area with GBCTA and clearing fallen trees on established Moose Mountain trails - it's fantastic to have so many people working on and maintaining such a diverse range of trails.
For early season riding please remember to pack a hand saw and if your off your bike to walk around a tree please take a minute to move it off the trail. Thanks.
Keep up the great work everyone!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Race Ready Roker!

Wow, way to go Pete - 1:51 in the Vancouver half (guess he didnt have to wait for the wife this year!!)
I heard the hotties afterwards were commenting on his amazing calf muscles!!