What is a Potlicker?

Potlicker (1), also known as Dad, Husband, Mortgage Payer, Kid Taxi, Employee, Boss, Coach, Wife Supporter, Puke Cleaner, Snow Shoveller, Grass Mower, Crying Towel or Underappreciated Slave to Society. Potlicker (2), what one becomes when the chains of life are removed on Monday nights from the hours of 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (sometimes 10:00 pm depending on malt wheat/barley consumption). A Potlicker, contains the intestinal fortitude to ride to the highest peaks of the Elbow Valley while negotiating snow, wet roots and killer mosquito’s. When the top is reached, the Potlicker turns his bike around and plunges fearlessly down a jagged cliff at break-neck speeds. As the legend goes….on a warm summer night, if you listen very carefully, you may hear the joyous cry of a Potlicker, as he is free to be kid again, if for only a moment.

Where the name came from
One night after a particularly hard ride a yet to be named rag tag group of mountain bikers stumbled into the local saloon. They had created a growing group of riding enthusiasts, had organized regular Monday night rides and felt it was time to give themselves a name. What could it be? What would work? Then one of the weary riders, with an errant slip of the tongue, asked the wench at the bar for an order of Potlickers (instead of Potstickers, the tasty asian pub treat).

The name, well...stuck. It's not glamorous or particularly tough, but it suits us. And we have a logo now so we can't change it.