Trail Conditions

Last Update: 22 May 2013

Basically everything East of Powderface Pass was clear of snow (and trees) before the big rain started. Yippee!!
Unfort the big rain looks BIG!
I'm no longer updating this site given Bike Pirate is way better. Please giveth as well as taketh on the info side and remember to think about the ability of a trail to absorb rain (info on home page) and the amount of rain that has fallen since the last trip report (again info on home page - just spend 2mins thinking about where the best fun will be before 1hr of to-fro driving)

and finally don't forget to support the local trail associations:
GBCTA (West Bragg XC/multi-use)
CMBA (Moose Mountain (and Calgary) XC)
MMBTS (Moose Mountain DH)

P.S. Some clowns tried Cox Hill on 20May!! Don't feel quite so stupid trying it mid-June 2011 now. A parting tip - if you see any (and I mean any) snow on Moose then forget Cox Hill. In fact, given the state its in and the awesome trails we have closer to home just forget Cox Hill period (well maybe once in September...)

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  1. West Bragg Creek trails are clear and dry. Ride on!