Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Seven Summits - IMBA Epic

Some pictures from recent ride along Seven Summits (Rossland) - an IMBA 'Epic trail'!
and the GPS (check out the final 'descent' - about twice the length of Cox!):


  1. Nice pics - looks like a great ride - another one to add to the 'to do' list!

  2. I rode this August long weekend....took a little longer than Trevor though - well done in just under 4 hours. This ride is epic but no chances to catch your breath on the downhills. It is technical on the ups AND downs. But IMO way more rideable than Cox. I would certainly make the trip to do this one again. If you decide to tent in Rossland I would not recommend the Lions campground, it is right next to an uphill climb on the highway and the semis seem to go all night!

    1. We stayed in Nelson and just drove over for the day. Nelson is a great town for whole family and has some great technical trails to ride while the kids have breakfast - just make sure you have big tires, big suspension and big balls!

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